Maintenance Ministry is designed to see the Pennway Family invest in the structure we gather in. From painting to remodeling, from new windows to a new sound system, from lighting to demolition and construction, upkeep is a never-ending ministry.

We love seeing people pouring into the rebranding and beautification of the Pennway Church building and laughing with friends along the way. We love seeing relationships deepen over planting flowers in the numerous gardens around the building and in our inner courtyard, and conversations pop up over yard tools.

This is a vital, life-giving, and sweat-inducing ministry. This ministry not only brings satisfaction from a job well done but is deeply appreciated each week by both members of Pennway Church as well as neighborhood organizations who use our facilities.

If you’re a handi-person and would love to be able to participate in upcoming cleanings, remodels, and work days, please contact us at, and we can patch you through to the Maintenance Director to get you involved!