Ministry should not be limited to the four walls of the church building; more than just a once-a-week meeting, we believe we are at our best when we know each other at a deeper level. Throughout the year, we gather together apart from our Sunday Worship Gatherings.

We have Meet-Ups where we gather in Lansing or the surrounding area and spend time together. Some examples of past Meet-Ups include going to a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game, going bowling at Royal Scot, visiting the Potter Park Zoo, and having a picnic at Hawk Island Park). We also gather within the church walls, with activities such as pitch-ins, potlucks, cook-offs, and game nights.

Over the summer, we organize Backyard Barbecues, where we have hosts open their homes and invite you to their tables to spend time together with Pennway family and friends. These provide an excellent opportunity to form connections with people you may not otherwise have gotten to know.

We regularly announce any upcoming gatherings on Sunday mornings, or you can check our Calendar for upcoming events.