Here at Pennway, our Children gather together as the Children Ministry at 9AM on Sunday Mornings for Sunday School in our Children’s Wing. During our 10:30AM Sunday Worship Gathering, children are given an activity package for them to work on throughout the Worship Gathering.

To answer those Frequently Asked Questions, yes. Children may make noises throughout the service. That is not an issue. Hearing young voices and giggles should be a sign of a church that has a future. Yes, we allow snacks in the Sanctuary. Children get hungry and sometimes hangry. Bring snacks and let them eat during worship. Yes, the Bibles in the pews are for them too. Yes, they’re allowed to dance in the aisles during the music or whenever! Let kids be kids. Yes, we do have places outside of the Sanctuary for you to take your children and not miss the message. We understand children can get overstimulated too.

With our commitment to Generation Impact, we believe having our children in the Worship Gathering with us is crucial to their growth as well! Our children need to see their parents singing and worshiping, reading their Bibles, and listening to the truth of God’s Word spoken. What we have seen and know is our children are listening too…even if they’re deep into coloring or doing puzzles.

If you have further questions, please contact NextGen Pastor Rachel by emailing us at, and she would love to talk with you more about the role of children in the church!