Praying for What Matters


As we read through the gospels we notice that Jesus often goes off by Himself to pray.

He is praying for his crazy disciples. He is praying for the people who are in need that He meets. He is just talking with God, His Father, about life in general.  It is this prayer that gives Him the power to do all that He does each day on this earth. 

That same Father is here for us to talk with because Jesus has opened the door for us to come right into His presence.  That is awesome!  It is not just that we can come into the presence of the almighty God, but that we can talk with Him and know that He listens to what we say! 

Our prayer really can change things! 

We believe that our prayers can help change the hearts of people around us. When we pray for people to come to know Jesus, doors will open for them to hear about Him and be aware of their need for something more. 

Prayer works! 

It was the faith of the four men who brought their friend to Jesus that caused Jesus say to their friend, “Your sins are forgiven.” (Matthew 9:2ff, Mark 2:5ff, Luke 5:20ff). 

The challenge for us is to focus our prayers on what really matters.  People discovering Jesus is what really matters.  We are asking people to put down 4-5 names on one of our invite cards so that they will commit to pray for those people over the next several weeks.  These are people that need to come to know Jesus.  If we will be faithful to pray for them, our faith can help them be forgiven!  Wouldn’t that be great! 

Put down the names and then pray for them every day.  Pray that they will see God at work; pray that they will see their need for Jesus; and pray that God will give you the opportunity to show them the love of God in how you care for them.  We are praying for their salvation.  They are floating on a sea that will take their lives if they do not find Jesus.  As Jesus took special time to pray, may we also take special time to pray for those that we know and care about. 

Prayer does work! 

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