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Pastor’s Paragraph

I have noticed that there are many places in the Bible where God has his people wait for His answers. Noah gets all the animals and his family in the ark. They are all sealed up in there and yet it does not rain for 7 days. Those 7 days had to be torture. “Have I misheard God?” Abraham was told that he would have a son and more descendants than there are stars in the sky. Abraham thinks he needs to help God out so he takes his wife’s attendant and has a child by her. God told him that Ishmael would not be the promised one but that Sarah would have a child. He was old then and so was Sarah, but it happened – 14 years later! Why did God wait in giving the answer?
I know that many people today get frustrated with God because He does not answer their prayer when they want it answered. You see, we have to trust that God hears our prayers and that God has the ability to do anything. We have to trust that God will answer our prayers But we also have to learn to trust Him with His timing. I don’t know why God delays in times like this. I know that none of us like to wait. But I also know that God’s timing is much better than my timing. I might think I know when it would be best to answer this prayer or fulfill this promise, but God knows much better than I do. Sometimes I think He delays because we need to learn to really trust Him. God needed to know that Abraham really trusted Him when He asked him to offer up his only son on the altar. Abraham had to follow through until the last minute when God stepped in and provided a ram. The people had to trust that God would part the Jordan River even when it did not happen until they put their feet in the water. Sometimes the delay teaches us to fully trust. Sometimes the delay is to help us learn to be patient, to slow down and work in God’s timing. We want it now, but maybe we need to learn to walk slowly with God along the journey. Maybe the journey is more important than the event. But sometimes I think that God delays just because He can see that it would work better for everyone if it happened later rather than now. There is no way we can comprehend God’s knowledge of what is best. We just have to accept that He knows. So, the next time you get anxious because it seems that God is not answering your prayers when you want them answered, remember these lessons. God knows best, always!
In His Service,
Pastor John

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