November Proclaimer

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Pastor’s Paragraph

Being thankful is a memory issue. I have heard several mothers telling their children as they take one of the Smarties from my office, “Did you remember to say thanks?” As we get more and more busy with life and we face all kinds of situations it can become easy to forget to say “thanks.” I really believe that most of us are very thankful when we remember. November comes and we are made to remember. When the family gathers for the holiday of Thanksgiving we remember to be thankful for the family, and hopefully everything else. So, the key to being more thankful in our lives is a memory issue. I am learning to remember. I try each day to list 10 things for which I am thankful in my Quiet time. I need to stop and remember. I am trying to write so many thank you notes each week. It is on my to-do list each week. That means I have to stop each week and list people for which I am thankful. I am not sure that my thank-you cards are the best way to say thanks because my handwriting is so bad, but it helps me to remember how blessed I am with people in this church. I am trying to take time, when I enter the sanctuary on Sundays for worship, to remember who God is and all that He has done for me. I want my worship to flow from a thankful heart. That means I have to stop and remember. As we go into this month of Thanksgiving, I pray that we will remember all we have for which to be thankful. I also pray that we will begin to build habits in our lives that will help us remember every day to be thankful. The problem is not that we are not blessed tremendously. The problem is that we just fail to remember all that we have for which to be thankful. Paul told the Thessalonians, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
In His Service,
Pastor John

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