May Proclaimer

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Pastor’s Paragraph

“April showers bring May flowers,” is the old saying. In our church we can say, “April showers of God’s blessings are bringing us much spiritual growth as a church.” God has blessed us in April with a wonderful Easter Family Fun Festival that opened the door for many more people to have contact with us here at Pennway. We saw many people come out to our Easter Service, and many of them staying involved in the church in some way. We have welcomed many new families into our church family. We have seen many people make a decision to follow Jesus and many of them be baptized in April. God has blessed us with so many things that we believe the momentum is only getting started. May God now bring to us real growth – both individually in our relationship with God and collectively in the growth of our church family. Mother’s day will be another time when we see many people come and be a part of our church family. God is doing some great things in the lives of Pennway people. If you are one that has experienced that, please talk with one of the pastors so we can hear your story. One of the struggles we can have in times like this is making the invisible (what God is doing in people’s lives) become the visible so we all can rejoice in what God is doing. In the book of Acts we see 3000 souls saved in chapter 2 in Jerusalem. That is like what God is doing in our church. But, by chapter 4, that number has grown to over 5000 believers. That is what we want to see continually happening here. This is a year when we can see God’s hand on all that we do. The challenge to each of us is to discover what our part is in that ministry. Get involved! Find your place! How exciting to be a part of this time in our church!

In His Service,
Pastor John

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