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March Proclaimer 2017

Pastor’s Paragrah
Moses spent 40 days on the mountain to get the commandments from God so he would be able to lead the Children of Israel. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness before He started His ministry. Now, we are calling the church to take the 40 days of Lent to pray that we become the church that God wants us to become. When we all come before God during this time leading up to Easter, God will be freed to do amazing things in our church. We are calling our church to this extended time of prayer. Of course, when we talk about a Lent Prayer time, there are all kinds of questions that come up.
The first question has to be “Are we expected to not eat for 40 days?” What we do with this time is between the individual and God, and only those that have checked with their physician should try any kind of extended fast. There are also many other kinds of fasts besides just giving up food for 40 days.

1. The Disciple’s Fast
Purpose: To free others and ourselves from addictions to sin. This fast could be giving up anything that might be an addiction (smoking, alcohol, soft drinks, chocolate, etc.) and every time the urge comes, spend that time in prayer.
2. The Samuel Fast
Purpose: To pray for revival and soul winning, to identify with people everywhere enslaved literally or by sin and to pray to bring people out of their bondage into the light of God. This fast could be giving up a meal a day or fast a day or two a week to identify with those who need God and to specifically pray for revival and for those who don’t know God to come to know Him.
3. The Elijah Fast
Purpose: To conquer the mental and emotional problems that control our lives, returning the control to our Lord. This could be fasting from things that lead our minds away from the things of God (things that
occupy our time) such as TV, internet, cell phones/phones, etc. and spend that time in prayer.
4. The Widow’s Fast
Purpose: To share our bread with the hungry and to care for the poor, to meet the needs of others. This fast might be giving up going out to eat for 40 days and praying with our meals at home for those that are hungry and hurting, saving the money to give to help the hungry.
5. The Daniel Fast
Purpose: To gain health and healing. This fast would be to give up junk food, meat, and other specific food for the time to increase the awareness of the need to pray.

Pray about this and decide how God desires you to participate in this 40 days of Lent. This can be a real revival for our church, and can help lead us to have the heart of love that God is calling us to have. I am excited about what God will do through this. If you have any other questions, please give me a call or send me an email. (989-763-0399 or We have a brochure about Lent available in our lobby and on our website that can give you other options as well.

In His Service,
Pastor John


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