Lent Spiritual Growth Plan

Lent Spiritual Growth Emapshs1

Why Lent?

We believe that Lent offers us a chance to join together for a special time of spiritual growth as a church. Make the season running up to Easter a special time where you commit to prayer, reading, and fasting.

Lent Reading Plan

Read along with others from the church by following this schedule. If you choose to read along with us, you will read through all four of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) during the time running up to Easter.

March 1: Matt 1-3

March 2: Matt 4-6

March 3: Matt 7-9

March 4: Matt 10-12

March 5: Catch Up

March 6: Matt13-14

March 7: Matt15-16

March 8: Matt17-18

March 9: Matt 19-20

March 10: Matt 21-22

March 11: Matt 23-24

March 12: Catch Up

March 13: Matt 25-26

March 14: Matt 27-28

March 15: Mark 1-3

March 16: Mark 4-6

March 17: Mark 7-9

March 18: Mark 10-12

March 19: Catch Up

March 20: Mark13-14

March 21: Mark 15-16

March 22: Luke 1-3

March 23: Luke 4-6

Machr 24: Luke 7-9

March 25: Luke 10-12

March 26: Catch Up

March 27: Luke 13-14

March 28: Luke 15-16

March 29: Luke 17-18

March 30: Luke 19-20

March 31: Luke 21-22

April 1: Luke 23-24

April 2: Catch Up

Apr 3: John 1-2

April 4: John 3-4

April 5: John 5-6

April 6: John 7-8

April 7: John 9-10

April 8: John 11-12

April 9: Catch Up

April 10: John 13-14

April 11: John 15-16

April 12 : John 17-18

April 13: John 19-20

April 14 : John 21

April 15: 1 Cor 15

April 16 : It’s Easter!



Lent Prayer Emphasis

Commit to at least 10 minutes more of prayer than you usually would in a day. Join with the church in praying through these different emphases throughout the Lent season.

Pray for the following topics during these time periods.



Our Finances

– That we will see an increase in our finances.

– God will bless the use of our money.

– For our people to be freed from debt and released to be generous.

MARCH 5-11

Kids Ministry

– For the families of our kids.

– For the ministry volunteers.

– For kids to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

– For a successful VBS happening June 19-22.


MARCH 12-18

Youth Ministry

– For the families of our students.

– For a continued increase in students.

– For more volunteers and for the existing volunteers.

– For growth in our students.

MARCH 19-25

Outreach Efforts

– For the Easter Outreach on April 15.

– For insight on how to best reach our neighborhood.

– For courage to share Jesus with our peers.


The Leadership

– For their intimacy with Jesus.

– For their spouses.

– That God will give them increased wisdom and perseverance.


Growth of Pennway

– That we will be passionate about Jesus and have a heart of love for others.

– That we will grow in number.

– Physical healing for those who need it.


Lent Fasting Ideas

Consider trying one of these ideas for fasting during Lent.

Fasting From Food:

Consider fasting from food. Choose to give up a meal once a week OR to not eat for a day once a week so that you can dedicate more time to praying and being in the Word (this is sometimes called a Samuel fast).

Ideas: Either fast during lunch once a week and commit your lunch break to prayer OR choose a day once a week and fast from sun-up to sun-down. Use your meal times to read your Bible and pray.

Fasting From a Time Consumer:

For some of us, giving up food is not an option. For others, we would have more time to pray and read if we gave up something like TV or Social Media. Consider giving up something unnecessary in your life that consumes a lot of time so that you can dedicate more time to communing with God (this is sometimes called an Elijah fast).

Ideas: Consider giving up: TV, Social Media, using your smart-phone for anything except receiving texts and phone calls, a hobby that takes up your time.

**See Pastor John’s Proclaimer article for more ideas on fasting.**

You can download the Lent Brochure by clicking here.