Being a part of a small group is a blessing. We hope that during your time at Pennway you can find authentic Christian community in one of our m any groups. Take some time to look through the various groups we offer. If you don’t know what group would be a good fit for you, just let us know and we will help you find one. You can contact Pastor James with questions regarding Groups (

Many of our Groups take time off during the summer, but we will still have some great opportunities for you to plug into a Group.



Open Bible Class

Sunday Mornings from 9-10am in the Fellowship Hall 

Join this group for a spirited discussion of the Bible. Gerry Tibbits leads this class through various passages in the Bible, working together as a group to understand what the Bible actually means.



Paul’s Theology

Sunday Mornings from 9-10am in Room 206.

Join Pastor John in this group that is covering the major theological themes from the Apostle Paul’s New Testament letters. This is a great group for anyone who wants to dig deeply into scripture to see what it has to say and how it applies to life.  This group is open for anyone to join.



Sunday Mornings from 9-10am in Room 205.

Join Pastor Doug on Sunday mornings for the GIG (Growing in Grace). This group covers a multitude of topics relevant to the Christian faith and is open for anyone to join.




Mentor/ Coach Training

Meeting Times are Flexible.

Do you want to be able to effectively disciple other people? We need many people who are equipped to help other believers grow in their faith. Join Pastor John as he helps you learn skills and knowledge that will help you effectively train up believers in the faith. Talk to Pastor John ( to set up a time to start meeting.