February Proclaimer

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Pastor’s Paragraph

During one of our many wars there was a young man who was caught and tried for desertion. He had left his ranks to go home and visit his dying father and his fianceé. His fianceé traveled to be there for the trial and to see her love for at least one more time. The decision was made by the court that this young man would be hung on the next day when the bell in the church tower struck noon. The fianceé was distraught and pleaded with the judge for a stay of execution, but to no avail. All the preparations were made and the young man was put on the stand with the noose around his neck. They waited for the bell to chime and nothing happened. They put the young man back in prison and went to investigate. When they got to the bell tower they found the young woman beaten and battered. She had wrapped herself around the clapper of the bell so that when the bell rope was pulled, her body kept the clapper from hitting the bell so that the bell remained silent. What love! We can see the love of this woman in the sacrifice that she was willing to make. True love is shown in sacrifice. As we enter into this month when we celebrate love, especially romantic love, it is important that we remember this principle. Men need to look for ways to serve their wives and make sacrifices for them. Yes, our wives need flowers and dinner dates, but they need us to go beyond that to show real sacrifice. Do a job around the house that she normally does, without her asking. Give up a sporting event to watch something that she wants to watch. Look for ways to sacrifice for her. Women need to look for ways to serve their husbands. They too need the special gifts and such, but they need you to do some special things just for them. What can you sacrifice for him to show him your love? Real love is more than just being romantic. It is being sacrificial.
Now, this applies beyond our relationships with the opposite sex. We need to show this sacrificial love to our neighbors, to those we work with, to those in our church family, and to all who cross our path. How can we sacrifice for them to show them real love? That is the kind of love that God has shown to us as He laid down His life so that we could be forgiven. What love! “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:12-13. Love is sacrifice. May we remember this principle in the month of love.

In His Service,
Pastor John

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