They loved the Church of God.
They built it and gave the precious
resources of their lives to it.
By their devotion, they laid the
foundation for what was to
become—and now is.

Pennway Church of God is clearly the product of their building as surely as it is ours. The shadows which they cast in the first part of the 20th century have stretched across the years to the present. The lives of today’s people are overlaid by their shadows and the harsh lines of reality are softened by their experience and wisdom and made more beautiful.

Pennway dates its beginning from 1910 when the church building at 213 East South Street was purchased from the First Baptist Church. The yellowing warranty deed dated February 23, 1910, bears the signatures of C. S. Sisler, the pastor; Noah Reed, Mary Cable, A. U. Stockwell and L. Foote. A page of minutes reveals that a Board of Trustees was formed that same day. In the early history of the movement, organization was established only when legally needed. Obviously, they were elected to sign the purchase papers. The purchase price appears to have been $1,450.

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