August Proclaimer

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Pastor’s Paragraph

When God asked Abraham to give up his only son, to place on the altar the one son that he had through which God had promised would come a nation too large to count, Abraham willingly obeyed God. When he was going up on the mountain to make the sacrifice and Isaac asked him, “Where is the lamb for the sacrifice?” Abraham simply said that God will provide. As we face any change in our lives or in our church, there is a feeling of sacrifice, letting go of something. But in those times we can know that God will provide. As we move into a great fall season for our church, expecting God to continue to do amazing things, we have to do so without Pastor James. James has been trained and equipped to lead God’s church and God has called him to do that in the church in Grass Lake, MI. While it is so hard to say goodbye to this fine young minister who has contributed so much to our ministry over these last 8 years, we can rejoice in how God is going to use him to help build the kingdom of God. We will pray that God will speak through him to this new church and help them become all that God intends them to become. But some of us might feel like Isaac, “where is the person or people to fill this position?” I would respond to you as Abraham did, “The Lord will provide.” We have a plan in place to fill the jobs that James did this year with some who are on staff now and some volunteers picking up some of those roles. James has shown us some much needed ministry roles in the church and we don’t want any of them to fall away. They are vital to our future ministry. In the future, God might provide us another minister to fill some of these roles, but for now God will provide. As we go into August, we desire to help everyone in the church find their role in our ministry for this year. We are looking at a “Say Yes” campaign to help everyone find and be equipped in the role that God has for them in the ministry here. God will bless those that serve, and bless the church with growth, as we each find our role in His ministry. God will provide!

In His Service,
Pastor John

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